Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Hometown - My Maastricht

1st: The centre side of Maastricht

3th: the other side of Maastricht

Those two sides are separated by the river Maas and the Sint Servaas Bridge. This bridge was built in de 13th century.

Maastricht is one of the oldest places in the Netherlands. It started with the Romans that spread out more to the south in the Netherlands at the beginning of the era. For years Maastricht has been under the influence of the Romans.

In the 19th century Maastricht was emerging as an industrial city, mostly in ceramics.

One thing why Maastricht is quite famous is because of the Federation of Maastricht. It got signed there in February 1992 and was the foundation of the European Union.

These antique cannons are placed in the park. A little mistake is that are placed in front of the rampart….

Gate in the Rampart

Old, Old, Old

On the rampart.. lots of history here

In the park.. with some animals like ducks, geese, deer and peacocks

Bikes? Where?

Oldest house of Maastricht, now an old brown bar

This is in the most expensive street of Maastricht: de Stokstraat

On the other side of the bridge

Cite Centre

Had a lovely day with my parents.. you thought this was all?? This was just the beginning of exploring Maastricht!


  1. hoi schat!

    Wat een leuke site! Ik denk dat mensen er echt wat aan kunnen hebben!
    Alle leuke plekjes en natuurlijk de stadmuren enzo. Goed gedaan! Wat wordt het volgende onderwerp?
    xx annie

  2. Wat un lief berichtje annie, ik lees t nu pas!!! =D

  3. Thanks so much SoloTraveler!! =D